“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time” Based on novel by Mark Haddon, Adapted by Simon Stephens

How to describe The Curious Incident???  It’s a gorgeous play. The acting job by a young man and entire company was incredible, especially the two who play his parents. It was a production created by light, miraculously so. Remember those panels we had in Mnemonic? They were brand new to CMU, possibly we used them before the school did. It must be latest technology. The 3 walls and stage floor were completely made of these panels, done to look like a giant graph (the kid in the play is a math genius). All surfaces are programmable LED, so anything could appear on all surfaces and did. I don’t quite know how to describe to do justice!

AND just for the miraculous fun of it, after curtain call, the kid comes back out and tells us how he solved the equation to win his A levels… Introducing the tech geniuses and then his explanation was illustrated in a million ways on these lighted surfaces. I WISHED Q Lighting Designer Todd Brown was with me– I want him to see this production so badly!


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