“less is more”

ImageI don’t recall much of Complicite’s production of Mnemonic when I saw it in NYC many years ago.  I was a big fan of their work and had seen several productions previously.  What I do remember of the production though is clearly seared into my memory.  I won’t spoil any moments for those who haven’t seen our production yet, but the two moments that I vividly recall impressed me for the simplicity with which they were achieved as well as their maximal effect on me- both moments took my breath away.  I’ve always been a fan of “less is more” mode of practice in the theatre, and these particular examples were extremely powerful and beautiful for me.  I hope that we are able to give that kind of experience to some of our audience members.

–Ken Bolden, Actor
(Ken is playing the role of Spindler in Quantum Theatre’s Mnemonic)


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